✌Modi Absent for 🔥💵🔥Demonetisation Debate

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On Thursday, BSP🐘 chief 👩🏾Mayawati criticised the 🏛Centre's indifference towards the hardships faced by the common 👥people. She said the Opposition would not let the 🔥💵🔥demonetisation debate in parliament continue unless PM ✌Modi was present in the house. She said🔉, “All Opposition parties have decided not to go ahead with the debate over the 🔥💵🔥demonetisation unless ✌Modi ji comes to the house… If he is serious about the 👥people, then he must come & speak.” 👩🏾Mayawati said that the 🏛Govt. wasn’t serious about citizens’ problems.
Meanwhile, 👓Saumitra Chaudhuri, 💰economic advisor to Manmohan Singh, ✌Modi may need until May😯 2017 to replenish the stock of useless ₹500 & ₹1,000 bills💵. From central bank data, Saumitra estimates that 🔥💵🔥demonetisation removed about 💰16.6 bn ₹500 notes, & 💰6.7 bn ₹1,000 notes – a total of more than 23 bn notes amounting to 💰₹15 trillion. 🇮🇳India’s note printer has a stated double-shift capacity of just 2⃣ bn notes a month. Which means it will need until the end of 2016 to replenish in value the ₹1,000 notes💵.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS