Movie Review📽: Force 2 & More

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Force 2:
Duta Rating ⭐⭐(2/5)
ACP Yash👮 joins hands with RAW agent KK👩 to try and nab the psychotic villain Shiv😈 whilst delivering punches verbally and physically. 💪John Abraham returns as the expressionless wall off which bad guys, bullets🔫, nails bounce in different directions. Sonakshi plays a strange role as she see-saws from being a crusader of feminism to a bumbling agent😖. Tahir Bhasin's performance👏 catches the eye in this chaotic film. This force may not stay with you once the credits start rolling.

🎬Director: Abhinay Deo

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Tum Bin 2:
Duta Rating ⭐⭐(2/5)
A couple are separated by a mishap😢 and years later when she decides to move on, he returns to cause emotional turmoil. Neha Sharma💃 plays the role of the bereaved😞 lover with subtlety . Tum Bin 2 is an age old triangular love❤ story that has hardly anything new to offer.

🎬Director: Anubhav Sinha

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:
Duta Rating ⭐⭐⭐(3/5)
The spin-off from the Harry Potter👓 series set in the 1920s follows the adventures of writer✍ Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches. The charming cast⭐, humour😂 and special effects make the film work👍.
The return to the world of wizardry created by JK Rowling is an entertaining one.

🎬Director: David Yates

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