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+263...6⃣ how do u calm yourself after a fight with your boyfriend

Dear +263...6⃣,

You're asking a great question, knowing how to calm yourself down, control your temper and ground yourself is a great skill. Here are my tips for finding calm after a fight or other tension filled event. We are tempted to continue the fight. Don't fall into that trap. Here's how to calm down:

1⃣ Sit comfortably

2⃣ Set a timer for 10 minutes

3⃣ Close your eyes

4⃣ Focus on your breathing. Take even deep breaths in and out

5⃣ Start to notice the tension in your body

6⃣ Focus on every body part and relax it, start with your toes and work upwards to your head

7⃣ Visualize the tension leaving your body when you breath out

8⃣ Visualize the calm entering your body when you breathe in

You will feel significantly better. Repeat as necessary.

Duta Didi

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