Gambia election winner Adama Barrow calls for talks

The winner of December's presidential election in The Gambia says is confident he will be sworn in next week despite President Yahya Jammeh's refusal to give up power.

Foreign leaders from regional bloc Ecowas are due to arrive later in The Gambia to again try to persuade Mr Jammeh to …

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South Africa's battle with the bottle

The transport minister recently suggested that drink-driving offenders should face similar punishments to murderers and rapists, while the government is also considering raising the legal age of drinking to 21 and punishing liquor sellers for offences committed by their customers.

At the moment, most people found to be drunk at …

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On This Day🌄 January13

St. Knut's Day in Finland and Sweden

1797 – French Revolutionary Wars: A naval battle off the coast of Brittany between two British frigates and a French ship of the line ended with over 900 deaths when the latter ran aground.

1910 – The first public radio broadcast, a live performance of …

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