Dwyane Wade⛹🏾 calls final year of Big 3 in Miami a “bad marriage.”🤦🏽

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Dwyane Wade is comparing the Cavaliers struggles early this season to the final year of the Big Three in Miami. … a time he compared to a “bad marriage.”

The Cavaliers have lost four in a row to drop to 3-5 in a weak Eastern Conference but Wade, who joined Cleveland last month after he and Bulls agreed to a buyout, said it was “worse” in Miami in 2013-14.

“As a team we were kind of like this,” Wade told reporters in Cleveland. “It was worse because it wasn’t new guys. It was guys who had been around each other four years in a row. Your jokes weren’t funny anymore to other guys. When you walked in, it wasn’t a big smile no more. Guys were just over you.

“It’s like being in a bad marriage. But we somehow made it to the Finals.”

Watch his reaction here: http://v.duta.us/GRvxnQAA

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