Ajay Devgn Takes over 4⃣ Theatres, Plans to Buy 200 More😲

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"You have no idea of what business films do in China. It crosses worldwide business and the kind of audiences we have, we can do the same thing,"begins Ajay, explaining why he invests in old movie theatres.

I have started taking over theatres which have been shut down in UP. Till the release of Golmaal Again I already have 4. In my 4 theatres Golmaal Again is running. I intend to go to 150-200 theatres, which I’ll do in another 3 months."

He goes on to explain the market for such a biz: "800 theatres in UP are shut and there is a population of more than 12 lacs and 25 lacs and there is no theatre. They have to travel 80 KM or so. Why should they travel so much to watch a film. They will travel for a Golmaal or a film which is good but not for a film which isn’t a cinematic experience. Rai Bareilly mein humari picture release hui, I acquired a theatre, there was no theatre there! There are more than 25 lac people, imagine where they will go. If you add all these 25 lac people imagine the population we have who want to watch movies. There is no means of entertainment in our country except for cinema right now. Sitting at home and watching T.V is different. That is convenience. But once in a while you need to get out. Abroad there are so many things to do, we don’t have such luxuries. People just want to go and watch a movie.”

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