Miley Cyrus croons 🎤 in fashion 👗

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"The glass ceiling has gotta break .... I don't know how much more it can take. You , know it's gone on way to long (don't chya) .... & you know it's wrong (don't chya) .... But, I know I'm strong (yes sir) .... I won't give up (no sir) .... & when it gets rough I get tough .... I've had enough! " Wrote this song a while back but the lyrics feel more relevant than ever before! Never give up on change! (It feels like forever, but it's coming!) Stay optimistic! Always FIGHT for what you believe in ! RESIST Watch nbcsnl tonight I'll be performing BadMood live for the first time EVA!!!! (pic from rehearsal) ThisIsMYfightsong"

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