Richard Dreyfuss' Son 👦 Claims Kevin Spacey Groped 😱 Him While His Father Was in the Room❗

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In a guest column for Buzzfeed News, the first publication to surface sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey, the actor revealed that he was inappropriately groped while his father was present in the room. Dreyfuss made several attempts to move to a different seat and get away from Spacey, but the House of Cards star relentlessly followed him and slid his hand onto Dreyfuss' thigh.

"I was unable to process what was happening: My dad and I were pretending to be lovers in a play while Kevin Spacey was trying to seduce me and all the while in real life I was a hapless, straight virgin who just wanted to become a famous actor," he wrote.

Dreyfuss' allegation comes one day after a new accuser told Buzzfeed News that Spacey groped him at a club and another claimed he played gay pornography for him when he visited his home as a teenager.

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