‘SNL’: Liam Hemsworth Drops By To Help Miley Cyrus❤️️ Face ‘Bernie Sanders’ On ‘The Price Is Right’💵

  |   Hollywood

The comedy team behind Saturday Night Live just keeps topping themselves! For the Nov. 4 installment, Amanda (Miley Cyrus, 24) and her partner Chris Hemsworth (Alex Moffat) took on Bernie Sanders (Larry David, 70) on the daytime game show The Price Is Right! That’s when Liam Hemsworth 27, showed up to help! Yes, the real Liam Hemsworth. Except there’s just one problem: “See in the Outback, mate, we don’t really use money,” the fake Chris says, “We rely on a complex bartering system.” Then the real Liam chimes in: “We bid 150 crocodile teeth!” That’s when Miley hilariously grimaces at the outpouring of Aussie-ness.

Read the full story here: http://v.duta.us/vRTpggAA

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