Miley Cyrus croons 🎤 in fashion 👗

"The glass ceiling has gotta break .... I don't know how much more it can take. You , know it's gone on way to long (don't chya) .... & you know it's wrong (don't chya) .... But, I know I'm strong (yes sir) .... I won't give up (no sir) .... & when it gets rough I get …

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Neelofa 👩 goes white ⛄

"Helena is in town guys! The new naelofarhijab helenabyNH collection comes in 5 different designs; silkyhelenabyNH (because you guys asked for more satin square scarf), milkyhelenabyNH , fluffyhelenabyNH, creamyhelenabyNH and sweethelenabyNH ! All available for purchase now so grab yours! Share with me your favorite! ✨"

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