Vinod Dua Calls Twinkle Khanna😼 An "Embarrassed Wife" for Defending Akshay Kumar🥋for His Sexist Remark😠

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A few days ago, a leaked video clip from a comedy show that he judges, showed Akshay Kumar making an offhanded and unnecessary crass pass at fellow-judge comedienne Mallika Dua. The National Award winning actor said, "Mallika ji, aap bell bajao, mai aapko bajaata hoon." This did not go down well with Dua's father Vinod Dua, who is also a veteran journalist.

Taking to his Facebook account, he had said, "I am going to screw this cretin Akshay Kumar for telling his co-worker Mallika Dua that 'Aap bell bajao, main aap ko bajata hun' (You ring the bell, I will bang you)... This is his sense of humour and language... Wake up," he posted along with the video of the whole incident from the show.

Mallika also shared the clip on the social media site and wrote, "Hey! Quick question. Does anyone find 5:26 funny? Charming? Entertaining? Family entertainment. GEC."

In a recent turn of events, Twinkle Khanna, who is otherwise quite vocal with her opinions on such matters, shared her statement on Twitter adding that humour must be considered in its 'right context'. While Mallika clarified her stance in an open letter, her father has now reacted to her comment.

"Ms.Twinkle Khanna responds to the laughter challenge controversy. It is a prosaic excuse from an embarrassed wife. Be that as it may, the point has been driven home. This chap will be careful in the future before making depraved statements like "Mallika ji aap Bell bajao, mai aapko bajaata hoon". We don't wish to pursue the matter any further," he shared.

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