Kat🐱 Has an Infected Wisdom Tooth😷

  |   Katrina Kaif

Rumours🗣 have been doing the rounds about Kat’s🐱 swollen face😶, with some even claiming the beauty🐱 had gone under the knife🔪! But here’s the wise truth➡ – the actress’ wisdom tooth😬 has been giving her trouble🤐. She put off a visit to the dentist’s chair💺 due to her social commitments📸 and now her tooth’s been infected😷. This has led to the swollen 😶face. She visited the Breach Candy hospital🏥 last week to have her tooth extracted💉 but the infection had worsened😿 so much that she’s been prescribed antibiotics💊 instead and her extraction💉 has been rescheduled🕰. Hope Kat feels better😁 soon enough!

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Original Image Credit📷: Instagram