SRK's🤓 Daughter Amuses in a Play📹:

  |   Shahrukh Khan

Oh what a pompous💃🏻 diva is SRK’s🤓 daughter Suhana! Wait✋🏽! Not in real life, but in a play🎭 that’s an adaptation of the classic 📘fairy tale, ‘Cinderella’👠. Suhana plays the lead🙍🏻 in a play-within-a-play and she does a fab👍🏽 job! Her arrogant antics and witty💡 lines (including calling fellow actor a ‘Big Boss reject’👎🏽) had the audience in splits😂. Any Bollywood dreams🤔 Suhana? SRK said🔊, “Suhana wants to be an actress and she says that she doesn’t want to learn it from me. Which is an amazing thought to have. Because it means that she wants to do the same thing as me but with an independent and a unique voice.” But SRK🤓 has one ground rule – no acting🎭 until graduation🎓!

Check out👀 snippets from Suhana’s play🎭 here📹:

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Original Image Credit📷: Still from the video