Priyanka Chopra

More Pics👙from Priyanka's💋 Weekend Getaway🏖

PeeCee💋 posted more pics🖼 from her weekend getaway🏖 and the green-eyed monsters👽 cannot stop popping up🐍! She still did not disclose🚪where she vacay-d, instead putting up📲 two more gorgeous😍 pictures – not that anyone’s complaining😉. It looks she like jetted⛴ about in a yatch🛥 and dived in the sea …

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Priyanka💋 on Actors' Reluctance🙅🏻 to Enter Hollywood

The road to success🛣 is never easy and PeeCee💋 had her fair share of hurdles🚵🏻‍♀ to cross before making it in Hollywood🌉. “To start over again after having had a successful career in an industry where you are loved is a big thing,” 🔊she says. Shedding her stardom🌟 away and …

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Priyanka's💋 Playlist for Life📹:

If life is a song🎶, here is PeeCee's💋 playlist.

What’s the one song🎧 that describes her best👍🏽? Breaking into song🎤, Priyanka is quick to dish out the blockbuster ‘Laila Main Laila’💞, although she quickly adds🎙 she’s not everyone’s Laila💃🏻!

What’s her go-to heartbreak💔 song? A yesteryear …

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