Anushka's👩🏻 Fave Chick Flick🎞 & More

  |   Bollywood / Anushka Sharma

Ghost👻 or wrestler, Anushka👩🏻 is game to play any role🤼‍♀, so long as it has substance🎭. This also includes chick💃🏻 flicks. 🔊“I would love to do a chick flick. I love exploring new things and genres so I am looking forward to doing one”. But the actress👩🏻 has 1⃣condition – it can’t be🙅🏻 a stereotypical film🎞. Find her the right writer📝 who can deliver a new idea💡 and she’s on board🏃🏻‍♀! “There needs to be something relevant and interesting”, 🔊she adds. She also feels women-oriented👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 films have a lot to offer🛒 and thus much is yet to be explored🎁, especially when “interpersonal relationship between women make for amazing stories”. So it’s not suprising😄 that her favourite💕 chick flick is ‘Bridesmaids’👰🏻. “It’s out-and-out funny, hilarious and unapolegetically entertaining”. 🤣

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