BREAKING: 🔭NASA 🔈 discovery of 7⃣ Earth-Like Planets😲❗

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Big news from 🔭NASA today❗ In their much-talked about press conference today, NASA announced🔈 that its Spitzer Space Telescope🔭 discovered something special: not 1⃣ but 7⃣ 🌎Earth-like planets all orbiting a single star. Well, where have we seen that before....😃

What makes this announcement all the more astonishing😲 is that this star system is just 4⃣0⃣ light years away from 🌎Earth👏 and that 3⃣ of the planets discovered are within what we would call the ‘habitable zone’🎉

The new ⭐star system was found in the constellation Aquarius and is called the TRAPPIST-1❗

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