Hrithik👊🏼 on Handling Failures👎🏼 Now & Before👀

  |   Hrithik Roshan / Bollywood

His 17 years📅 in the film industry have wisened Hrithik👊🏼, so much so, that he can predict👊🏼👇🏼 his films’ BO fate after watching👀 its first cut. 🔊“I have never been disappointed with the result of any of my films, because I already know, after seeing the first cut of the film, how good or bad it is”. He’s👊🏼 moved passed his naïve old days😶 when you treat failures👎🏼 by consoling yourself to 🔊“move forward and still believe that the best will manifest (itself) in a big way”. Now, it’s evident👁 to him why certain films🎞 didn’t work. 🔊“My work in those film wasn’t good at all”. Dugga opines that it’s imperative👍🏼 that with each success and failure👎🏼, actors must "recalibrate"🤔 their thoughts💭 and directors🎬 about certain things.

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