New Rs 2000 note is not good for Indian economy, says Baba Ramdev

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The Rs 2000 note introduced by the Modi government post demonetisation is not good for the country, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said on Monday.

"I do not like the Rs 2000 note as it facilitates corruption. It is easy to carry and can be easily transported. The bigger the note the easier it is to accept and give bribes," Ramdev said while addressing a press conference in Bhopal. Ramdev also took a dig at the ruling NDA government saying no political party will ever work towards promotion of swadeshi as all parties were under the influence of multinational corporations.

"The ruling party is obliged to honour treaties signed in the past while it is also a fact that when in opposition parties take donations from multinational corporations who control over Rs 50 lakh crore of the Indian economy. So it is trusts like the Patanjali trust and people like me who will have to work towards throwing these corporations out of the country," he said while addressing a press conference in Bhopal.

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