Ayesha Takia's👄 Response to Body Shaming🗣

  |   Bollywood

The fresh-faced😄 girl-next-door🚪 Ayesha Takia bid Bollywood goodbye👋🏼 post her marriage👰🏻 to Farhan Azmi. She’s since become a mother👪 and her fresh-face is long gone⌛, replaced now by swollen lips👄, radically different eyes👁 and a stoic face😶. The transformation naturally attracted trolls👎🏼 but the actor is having none🙅🏻 of it. Check out the message✍🏼 she wrote alongside a selfie🤳🏼 she posted💬: “#StopSelfieShaming All u girls n guys who love urself enough to take ur own picture and feel good about it should be proud. Don’t let anyone tell u to dim ur confidence and self love. We live in a world of judgements and bullying, so we need to rise above that n just be who we are and be proud of it. LOVE URSELF” (sic).

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Original Image Credit📷: https://goo.gl/UR80og