Ask Didi: How do I choose my career🎓?

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(+26...3) asks how do I choose my career🎓?

The primary factors that go into choosing a career is your personality, strengths (and weaknesses), and resources💰⏳🚗. The first step you could take is to take a free personality test online 💻 and find a list of careers that suit your personality. I highly recommend Myer-Briggs/Jung type tests. If you are an outgoing 😀 practical person who likes seeing results, you may enjoy being a manager or policeman👮. If you love helping people, a teacher or a non-profit director may be the career for you. If you are introverted and logical🎓, perhaps you are meant for science🔬, law, or engineering. Next, consider your strengths and weaknesses. If you are a thinker🤔, but not particularly good at math💯, you probably do not want to be an engineer, but an attorney may be a good alternative. If you love animals 🐶🐱but you cannot stand the sight of blood💉, you probably should not be a veterinarian. The final consideration is resources💰⏳🚗. Becoming a doctor⛑, for example, is time-consuming and costly💰💰💰. Some careers are not very profitable. A painter 🎨 may be your dream job, but a graphic designer is more employable. Other careers may simply not exist where you live. If you need to stay close to your family, but do not live in a major city, you may need to give up the dream of becoming an aerospace engineer🚀. In the end, you will be left with a shortlist of careers. Choose one or several that appeals to you, find out what the requirements are, and work towards your goal! Life can have its twists and turns however - your best laid plans may need to change over time. Make sure you have practical skills that give you some flexibility. Also keep in mind that it’s unlikely that a perfect career is waiting out there, just for you! You will most likely end up with a job that is less than perfect. It is up to you to take a less than perfect career, grow into it, and make it your own.

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