How Kibaki Men Tried to 🚫Block 👔Uhuru in 2013

  |   Kenya News

Fresh details have emerged of how senior officials in the Kibaki regime plotted but failed to block Uhuru Kenyatta from running for President in 2013.

"Before UDF submitted the addendum to the TNA-URP coalition, Uhuru and I signed a second agreement at his residence, witnessed by my brother Ruto and two lawyers, by which he withdrew his candidature for President in my favour," Mudavadi disclosed.

He declared at Multi-Media University, "You saw us showcase our unity at the Afraha in Nakuru but thereafter, a devil who does not know where we started came saying that if we continued in our quest, Kenya would not get foreign aid; we would not sell our tea abroad and we would cause war in Kenya since Kenyans are not ready for another Kikuyu presidency.

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