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So we asked you to rate🔢 your favourite movies🎞 of the week and this👇🏼 is what we found!

The results of the movie🗳 poll from yesterday are in📨, with many surprising results🤔. The popular vote went to 'Machine'🔫 with the global blockbuster🎞 'Beauty and the Beast'👹 ranking equally as Govinda's🕺🏻 comeback 'Aa Gaya Hero'🕶. The least favourite film of the lot🎥 seems 'Before I Fall' and 'Trapped' failed to raise any eyebrows.👎🏼

Here are the results💌:

🎯 POLL🎯: Rate the Movies

(Result in percent)

4⃣5⃣: Machine

1⃣8⃣: Beauty and the Beast

1⃣8⃣: Aa Gaya Hero

1⃣1⃣: Mantra

⬜8⃣: Before I Fall

0⃣: Trapped

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