Why Does SRK🤓 Have a Lady Bodyguard🔫?

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

By Ra👁

SRK🤓 has always been a lady’s man👭 and his fan following commands👥 an enviable number of women🏃🏻‍♀. But the superstar has hired a lady bodyguard🔫 so as he’s not overwhelmed😳 by all the lady love💗 that comes his way. SRK informs🗣 that he’s often a times⌚ he's gotten scratched and prodded by the long nails💅🏻 of his women fans when he meets🤷🏻‍♂ or addresses them. “Their love really hurts,” 🔊teased the Badshah. Sometimes🙃 he’d have so many scratches💅🏻 that it was easier to prove his innocence😇 to wife Gauri🙎🏻 if he has a lady bodyguard🔫 on his side, he joked😁. Guess it’s not just Shashi👻 the ghost who haunts the star⭐. Here’s a picture of the friendly spirit👻 paying SRK a visit📷: https://goo.gl/Tzx88N

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Original Image Credit📷: https://goo.gl/Tzx88N