ICHR🔎 to Undertake Pilot Project on Ram Setu🕉 Structures

  |   India News

The Indian Council of Historical Research will undertake a two-month pilot project on ‘Ram Setu’ later this year to archaeologically “ascertain” if the structures were built naturally or were “man-made”. ICHR Chairman Y Sudershan Rao, addressing a press conference at the institution here, said the project period spans from October to November.

Asked as to who initiated the project, Mr. Rao said it was “completely an ICHR initiative but we may approach the Centre if needed”. The chairman said, archaeology experts from ASI, research scholars, university students, marine experts, and scientists would be part of the team.

“A nationwide selection process would pick up students and scholars from various universities to be part of the team,” Mr. Rao added. “We are going to hold a two-week workshop on history of oceanic archaeology by May or June. During that event, we will also identify scholars, students and trainers who could be part of this ambitious project,” he said.

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