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Ask Didi: Remember bad things 🙁 and forget good🙂?

(+27...4) asks why do we remember bad things🙁 and forget the good🙂?

From an evolutionary perspective, being able to remember bad experiences is more useful for survival than being able to remember the good. Humans and animals 🐵🐱🐔 who learn quickly how to avoid danger and pain 🤕 are more likely …

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Ask Didi: Stretch marks🤰?

(+23...0) asks how to cure stretch marks🤰?

Unfortunately, stretch marks are incurable, although they fade over time⏳. Massaging with cocoa butter, and vegetable oils such as coconut oil will moisturize💦 the skin and help fade stretch marks more quickly. You will always be able to feel your stretch marks …

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