'Give the fielding team three balls to pick from' - Morkel

South Africa were thrown off guard by a 59th-over ball change in Hamilton, according to Morne Morkel. New Zealand were building steadily in the middle session, on 163 for 1 when umpires Bruce Oxenford and Rod Tucker ordered a ball change, having felt the ball had gone out of shape. South Africa had been getting some reverse and were clearly unhappy with the change, and the replacement - with the changed ball they conceded 80 runs in the next 21 overs, as Kane Williamson took control.

"It was at a crucial stage. We had just got the ball to reverse. From a mental point of view, it cost us about 15 overs to get back into the game," Morkel said. "For me, it's a grey area because when they change the ball, they pick a ball for you. For me that doesn't add up. I would rather they give the fielding team three balls to pick from. But then I am also blaming my tools and I can't do that."

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