ECI: 🇮🇳India's EVMs Best in 🌐World & Tamper Proof

  |   India News

All of a sudden this month the nifty Indian invention, the unique electronic voting machines that were hailed to be the harbingers of free and fair elections in India, are being made out to be the villains of the piece.

According to Rajat Moona, former Director General Center for the Development of Advanced Computing, Pune and currently Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai who is part of the Technical Expert Committee of the ECI that critically evaluates the EVMs says the secure microcontrollers or chips are purchased from large commercial manufacturers like Motorola, Renaissance and NXP who also supply chips to missile manufacturers and all kinds of secure computing device manufacturers.

An electronics engineer from the USA once suggested that he could tamper with the machines using a specially designed Bluetooth enabled display unit, but in several open public demonstrations at the office of the ECI no one has been able to hack the EVMs.

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