Bengaluru's🌆 Bellandur Lake Can Heal the 🌐World🤔

  |   India News

"This sewage filled with chemicals has the potential to transform the lake into one of the largest energy fields in the world," says Ajay Girotra, Managing Director of New Delhi-based firm AG Dauters, which is interested in setting up plants on the lakebed.

According to the firm, Bellandur - besides providing medical grade drinking water for the whole of Bengaluru and Kolar on daily basis - could also light up Bengaluru and New Delhi by generating 5,000 MW of power every day.

While other companies are still tight-lipped about the terms and conditions of their deal, the New Delhi-based firm, which plans to implement a US-German technology to treat the lake, has asked for 2 acres and a antee from the government that it would buy water, power and fuel from the firm.

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