Committing Suicide Is Not The Solution - Pastor Tells Youth

  |   Ghana News

The Reverend Evans Nketsiah Egyir, the McCarthy District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost, has admonished the youth to develop the spirit of patience and not to rush in life to gain material wealth.

He said the youth must acknowledge that their needs would be provided by God at the appointed time and with this assurance, they would not commit suicide or harm themselves when they could not meet their needs.

‘‘For instance, if you have completed school and you’re not getting a job, it doesn’t mean you should kill yourself, but you must pray for God’s appointed time,’’ he said. Rev. Egyir, who gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Monday, said every Christian must inculcate in him or herself the spirit of waiting which required discipline, humility and perseverance.

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