It's Selfie🤳🏽 Time for SRK 📷:

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

By Ra👁

Trust SRK😎 to make the mundane, a wisecrack and the ordinary, a revelation👀. Posting a selfie of him looking into the distance🤳🏽, with the rays of the sunset on his face, he wrote, 💬"There are miles to travel, this way or that. And from where I am, it doesn’t really matter…only the journey does." 🛣 Alongside another selfie where the star is bundled👕 up in fur and wool, he wrote, 💬"Sometimes the quiet cold is what u need to make you feel warm…." So what's getting the actor🤔 all reflective?

Check out the selfies📷:

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