Energy Crisis Ameri Power Plant has no operating license

  |   Ghana News

The Ameri Power Plant has no operating licence.This is according to the report by the committee charged to review, restructure and recommend areas of amendment of the Ameri power deal. In their report they stated that "currently the Ameri Energy plant does not have an operating licence.

"It is imperative that these licenses and permits are taken by the plant operator, Ameri Energy, as soon as possible," the report added. However the report stated that the Energy Commission (EC) has notified the entity that secured all permits and licenses for the construction (Volta River Authority) of this development.

"The committee therefore urged that Ameri is made to get the appropriate licences and permits as soon as possible.BackgroundUnder the Mahama-led administration when the energy crisis worsened the government agreed to rent 300MW of emergency from AMERI.

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