Ask Didi: Marry someone from a different race💕?

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(+26...5) asks is it good to marry from a different race💕?

Interracial marriage is one of the ultimate examples of love 💖conquering hate (racism and prejudice). One hopes that with each succeeding generation, there will be more and more interracial marriages. The mixed-race children👶 from interracial marriages may one day make the whole concept of race meaningless and outdated. Unfortunately, interracial marriages often invite criticism😒, not just from racists who want to keep their race "pure," but also from people who feel that men or women who marry outside of their race is betraying 💔 their own race. Unfortunately, a small minority of people marry outside of their race not just because of love but for perceived status - and such people give interracial marriages a bad rep. However, most interracial marriages are a result of true love💗, and such love should always be a cause for celebration🎉.

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