Namaz☪ Postures Similar to 🙏Surya Namaskar: 🔸Adityanath

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Without asking Muslims to perform Surya Namaskar, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said that it has many similarities to Namaz (Muslims form of prayer) and those opposing the yogic exercise wanted to divide the society on religious lines. He also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for promoting Yoga and making it universal.
Aditynath, who had in the past lashed out at a section of Muslims for terming the practice of ‘surya namaskar’ as un-Islamic, said the sun salutation was a beautiful example of religious harmony.

“The namaz offered by Muslims resembles different postures and asanas of surya namaskar including pranayam. What a beautiful example of harmony (between two religions). But some ‘bhogis’ who do not believe in yoga, indulged in dividing the society on lines of caste, creed, religion and region among others,” he said.

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