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Ask Didi: Good to commit suicide😱?

(+23...0) asks is it good to commit suicide😱?

In most religions, suicide is either considered a sin or discouraged. In Christianity✝, "Thou shall not kill," applies not only to others, but oneself. In Islam☪, suicide is considered a major sin, and is explicitly forbidden. In Hinduism🕉, suicide violates the …

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Ask Didi: 🤰 Scan to know sex of the child?

(+26...3) asks when pregnant 🤰 when do you scan to know the sex of the child?

In some countries🌏, it is illegal for doctors to tell the parents the gender of the child until the child is born, in order to discourage abortions based on the gender of the child …

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Ask Didi: Close eyes when kissing💏?

(+27...6) asks why do we close our eyes when we are kissing💏?

In cultures where a kiss is used as a greeting🙋, or when parents kiss their children👪, eyes generally remain open👀. In fact, kissing with closed eyes generally only occur between lovers💑. So why do lovers close their …

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Ask Didi: Marry someone from a different race💕?

(+26...5) asks is it good to marry from a different race💕?

Interracial marriage is one of the ultimate examples of love 💖conquering hate (racism and prejudice). One hopes that with each succeeding generation, there will be more and more interracial marriages. The mixed-race children👶 from interracial marriages may one …

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