🌍Africans Help Their Kin in India🇮🇳: Stay Home, We Will Send Food

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Across the hall was the emergency room where 24-year-old Kenyan student, Maria Burendi, was recovering after allegedly being beaten up by a group of men early in the morning while travelling in Greater Noida in a cab.

The three men, all students from Nigeria studying in universities in Noida, are office bearers at the Association of African Students in India (AASI), and have spent the morning sending out warnings to African students living in Greater Noida: "Remain indoors!" “With due respect, the Association of African Students in India is arranging food and water supply to the needy ones at doorsteps.” Muhammad wrote.

“Back home, I was a student activist and when I came to India, I noticed it was necessary to be involved in some form of association since things were going really wrong,” said Muhammad. “Everyday, we hear or read things that Indians say about us. That we ‘eat humans’ or ‘eat dogs’. We cannot let this happen.” Other students said they faced racial slurs on a daily basis, often called ‘kala’ or ‘Negro’.

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