'Can Chicago win the World Cup?' - Schweinsteiger confused by ill-educated journos at Fire unveiling 📹: https://goo.gl/5xdM4r

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How big a deal is Bastian Schweinsteiger in Chicago right now? Well, let's just say he's big enough to pull in the top media outlets to his introductory press conference, even if covering soccer isn't exactly what they do.

As the Fire introduced the German World Cup and Champions League winner as the newest member of their club, he was treated to a question he really wasn't sure how to deal with.

"Do you expect now that you're here, Bastian, that a World Cup goal for Chicago Fire is a realistic expectation?"

Schweinsteiger handled it all with class, aside from a hearty chuckle, letting club general manager Nelson Rodriguez explain that the Fire do not compete for the World Cup before going on to answer a question - posed by Rodriguez - about MLS Cup expectations.

Watch the incident here: https://goo.gl/5xdM4r

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