Dumelo Nailed! Offers Cash For V8 Cars

  |   Ghana News

Startling revelations have started emerging from how popular actor, John Dumelo, was caught red-handed attempting to make alterations to the mode and colour of a brand new Toyota V8 Land Cruiser said to belong to the state, apparently to keep it for his personal use.One of the police officers who led the Eagle Eye SWAT Team and some National Security operatives to retrieve the vehicle from the spraying shop John Dumelo had sent the V8 vehicle, has revealed that the actor actually attempted to influence them with cash so that they would allow him to keep the vehicle.

"Since DAILY GUIDE broke the story last Friday that the National Security operatives and agents from Eagle Eye SWAT Team had retrieved a V8 Toyota Land Cruiser from John Dumelo while he was attempting to make alterations to the vehicle, the actor has declined granting the paper interview for his part of the story.

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