Hrithik👊🏼 in Admiration of Anupam Kher📹:

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Everyone loves Anupam Kher👴🏻, the actor and human, for he's made a mark⭐ as a valuable asset in films and a selfless person💙. Hrithik too seems to agree, as he👊🏼 shared a video of the seasoned actor🎥 interacting with school kids👫 from Kashmir, on their first trip outside the state🍎. Duggu captioned the video, 💬"Loving words from the teacher himself to students of peace @AnupamPkher". In the video📽, Anupam shares with the kids that he spent👦🏻 a lot of his younger years in Kashmir, and wished👍🏼 them all well. He also motivated them to dream high🌠 and work towards it.

See for yourself📹:

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