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Ask Didi: Is it normal to skip a period📅?

(+26...8) asks is it normal to skip a period📅?

If you are very young 👧 and just started having periods, or if you are older and nearing menopause👵, it is normal for your period to be irregular. Pregnancy 🤰 and breast-feeding will most certainly cause your periods to stop. Even if …

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Ask Didi: How to stop snoring😴?

(+23...0) asks how to stop snoring😴?

Although it is difficult to stop snoring altogether (most people snore at least some of the time), here are some tips to avoid snoring. Sleep on your side instead of on your back. Use a body pillow so you won't roll over on …

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Ask Didi: Best age gap for lovers💑?

(+23...5) asks best age gap for lovers💑?

While there is no "best" age gap, here is a quick non-scientific but useful formula for a reasonable age gap between lovers. The age of younger person should be greater than or equal to half the age of the older person plus …

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