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SpaceX poised to launch first recycled Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX is poised to launch its first recycled rocket on Thursday, using a booster that sent food and supplies to the astronauts living at the International Space Station in April.

The goal of the launch, scheduled for 6:27 pm (2227 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida, is to send a …

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How This 23-Foot Python Swallowed a Man Whole

According to local news reports, the body found inside the 23-foot-long snake turned out to be 25-year-old Akbar Salubiro, a harvester who worked on a palm oil plantation on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. He was reported missing on March 26.

Similar to Burmese pythons, these huge snakes kill their …

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Thinning Arctic Sea Ice Lets In Light, Prompts Algae Bloom: Study

Climate change is stirring life in the Arctic Ocean as thinning sea ice lets in more sunlight, allowing microscopic algae to bloom in the inhospitable region around the North Pole, scientists said on Wednesday.

The micro-algae may now be able to grow under the ice across almost 30 percent of …

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Decorated bird bone suggests Neanderthals had aesthetic sense

A 40,000-year-old piece of raven bone that was etched with near-even lines suggests Neanderthals had an eye for aesthetics, French researchers said on Thursday.

Neanderthals, who were cousins of modern men and who disappeared some 38,000 years ago, are known to have used pigments and collected bird feathers …

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New technique for 'lensless imaging'

Compressed sensing is an exciting new computational technique for extracting large amounts of information from a signal. In one high-profile demonstration, for instance, researchers at Rice University built a camera that could produce 2-D images using only a single light sensor rather than the millions of light sensors found in …

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Sands of Saturn’s moon Titan are electrically charged

The particles that cover the surface of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, are “electrically charged”, show results of an experiment.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, may help explain an odd phenomenon — prevailing winds on Titan blow from east to west across the moon’s surface, but sandy …

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Someone is putting lots of work into hacking Github developers

Open-source developers who use Github are in the cross-hairs of advanced malware that can steal passwords, download sensitive files, take screenshots, and self-destruct when necessary.

One commenter in this thread reported the initial infection e-mail was sent to an address that was used solely for Github, and researchers with Palo …

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FCC to halt expansion of broadband subsidies for poor people

The Federal Communications Commission is dropping its legal defense of a new system for expanding broadband subsidies for poor people, and it will not approve applications from companies that want to offer the low-income broadband service.

"This action preserves states' authority to designate ETCs [eligible telecommunications carriers] to receive Lifeline …

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Tesla's Valuation Could Overtake Ford Any Day Now

Tesla, the loss-making electric car company that sold about 84,000 vehicles last year, is now worth about as much as Ford, which sold 6.7 million cars in 2016 and turned a $4.6 billion profit.

Valuations for the two companies converged in recent months, as Ford slid and …

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