Laikipia Burning🔥: 10K Acres Set Ablaze by Invading Herders🐃

  |   Kenya News

An estimated 10,000 acres were set ablaze on Wednesday in the Laikipia Nature Conservancy. Invading herders are suspected. It was still raging at 5pm yesterday. Two lodges at the ranch owned by Italian-born Kukki Gallman were gutted. It hosts foreign and domestic tourists.

Despite the presence of KDF deployed on March 17 and security personnel, the conflict deepens and invading bandits and armed pastoralists are wreaking havoc. Livestock and wildlife are killed, ranches and property destroyed, residents attacked. One owner was killed.

On Thursday afternoon, the UK goernment issued an email alert, “Kenya travel advice”. Though not an official advisory against travel to Laikipia, it is a warning. “You should check the latest situation at your destination ahead of travel to the region,” it says.

"Latest update: Laikipia has seen numerous invasions by cattle herders onto privately held ranches and conservancies, in some cases leading to violence and arson; security forces are seeking to enforce private property rights."

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