Latest RIAA report slams YouTube for using ‘legal loopholes’ to unfairly pay artists

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Perhaps most notably, the report states that streaming music revenue from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube made up the majority of that revenue for the first time ever, while YouTube is again called out for unfairly paying artists.

Although our 2016 revenue report catalogues substantial overall improvement for the industry, revenues are still only about half what they were in 1999, and revenues from more traditional unit-based sales (physical products and digital downloads) continued to decline significantly.

The RIAA notes that what's really hindering the music industry from growth is the low payouts from services like YouTube, which uses a "legal loophole" to pay such a low rate: The unfortunate reality is that we have achieved this modest success in spiteof our current music licensing and copyright laws, not because of them.

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