Meat🍖 Shops Reopen in Gurgaon Amid 👮🏼Police Protection

  |   India News

In stark contrast to the silence 24 hours earlier, it was business as usual in a narrow, dingy lane adjacent to the Sadar Bazar Masjid, which houses close to 10 mutton and chicken shops.

On Wednesday evening, shop owners went to Gurgaon City police station and demanded protection, fearing backlash from the "party workers" claiming to belong to the Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Kranti Dal, who on Tuesday forced them to down their shutters during Navratri.

Commissioner of Police Sandeep Khirwar confirmed this and added that the 'Shiv Sainiks' had been questioned on Thursday, regarding notices they had circulated in the market wherein they claimed that the police, along with social organisations, would conduct investigation and penalize those who refused to down their shutters for Navratri.

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