Modi govt's third anniversary: Ministers asked to prepare report card

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Weeks before Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes three years in office, information and broadcasting minister Venkaiah Naidu has written to various Union ministers and other senior BJP leaders to compile the government's achievements and communicate them effectively to the people.

Rajya Sabha members Chandan Mitra and Swapan Dasgupta have been assigned the task of directing the intellectual discourse and counter any possible negative narratives on issues like less than promised employment generation; inconsistent performance of core sector; 'so-called' threats to freedom of expression; slow progress of next generation reforms; and no significant breakthrough in improving ease of doing business.

"Three years in office is fairly a reasonable period for the people to form an opinion on our government and judge our governance impact on their lives," he said adding that the government's relentless pursuit to turn around the fortunes of millions of people, hitherto neglected by successive governments, had started bearing visible fruits.

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