No Legislative House Has The Power To Suspend A Member – Femi Falana

  |   Nigeria News

In reaction to this, the senior lawyer stated that: "The Senate labours under the very erroneous impression that it can do anything, whether allowed by law or not; particularly when it purports to exercising its oversight functions.

Recalling a similar situation that occurred in 2010, Mr Falana said: "As a member of the House of Representatives, Senator Dino Melaye and 10 others, out of frustration, submitted a petition to the EFCC, alleging criminal diversion of funds by the Dimeji Bnakole-led leadership of the House."

I went to court for them and the court said: "Under your own rules, you cannot suspend a member for more than 14 days - Under what law did you suspend these 11 members of the House of Representatives for an indefinitely period of time?"

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