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Ask Didi: Abortions illegal🚫?

(+27...0) asks is having abortions illegal🚫?

Duta didi has recently received many questions about whether abortions are legal. Here is a list of countries from which didi has received questions to date.

Cameroon - Legal👍

Chile - Illegal👎

China - Legal👍

Ghana - Legal👍

India - Legal👍, up to 20 weeks into the pregnancy …

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Ask Didi: Food to eat if you are HIV+😷?

(+26...2) asks what type of food should you eat if you are HIV positive😷?

There is no special diet for people living with HIV. You should eat healthy foods - plenty of fruits and vegetables🥕🍇🍊 for vitamins and fiber, along with some meat/dairy 🍗🥛 for protein, and carbohydrates 🍚🍞(grains) for …

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Ask Didi: How effective are condoms🍌?

(+25...0) asks how effective are condoms🍌?

If used correctly every time, condoms prevent pregnancy (as well as sexually transmitted diseases) approximately 98% of the time. In other words, in one year of using condoms correctly, 2 out of 100 sexually active women would become pregnant🤰. Unfortunately, many people do …

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