🐦 The Orange-n-tan man tweeteth

  |   Donald Trump

🐦 The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018! (Duta Context: Trump went on a tear against Republicans who opposed his attempt to repeal Obamacare. More tweets on that below)

🐦 The failing nytimes has disgraced the media world. Gotten me wrong for two solid years. Change libel laws? https://goo.gl/9dKLb8 (Duta Fact Check: ❌ But before that, a diversion to the media. Trump keeps saying he wants stricter libel laws so he can go after the media. The problem is, that the US Constitution guarantees very robust free speech rights, it's really hard to have stricter libel laws in the US. So we're not sure what he is talking about)

🐦 Great op-ed from RepKenBuck. Looks like some in the Freedom Caucus are helping me end Obamacare. https://goo.gl/0Qqvqi (Duta Context: He is still going after the Republicans who refused to help him replace Obamacare. Not because it would hurt poor people, but because it didn't hurt them enough...)

🐦 If RepMarkMeadows, Jim_Jordan and Raul_Labrador would get on board we would have both great healthcare and massive tax cuts & reform. (Duta Context: Still going after them. But it doesn't look like they care)

🐦 Where are RepMarkMeadows, Jim_Jordan and Raul_Labrador? (Duta Context: Still after them)

🐦 The meeting next week with China will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses. American companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives. (Duta Context: Trump is meeting with the Chinese President next week. Apparently he hates the massive trade deficits and job losses. It's not clear what Trump can do about it.)

🐦 Only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we be truly able to Make America Great Again (Duta Fact Check: ✔ True dat)

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