Wanted to stab Virat Kohli, says Australian cricketer Ed Cowan

Australian Ed Cowan has added more fuel to the fire after an acrimonious Border-Gavaskar series by conceding he wanted to stab Virat Kohli once.

Kohli, according to Cowan, had said something personal and it was highly inappropriate. It should be remembered that Kohli was targeted constantly by the Australian team and public, leading to a slip-up at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
"We forget that English isn't their first language. It's very easy to sit back and say as a player they're barking something at me that is inappropriate. I had a very sick Mum during one of those series and he said something that was inappropriate, " revealed Cowan. "Why I make the point of 'lost in translation', he said something that was highly inappropriate. A personal matter that was highly sensitive. Highly inappropriate. But he didn't realise that he'd overstepped the mark until the umpire came over and said - 'Virat that's overstepped the mark' - and once that was said, he took a step back and apologised.

"But, there was a moment I wanted to pick up the stump and stab him."

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