Ask Didi: Are arranged marriages likely to last💖?

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(+26...4) asks are arranged marriages likely to last💖?

Approximately half the marriages in the world 🌏 are arranged. The global divorce rate for arranged marriage is around 5%, while the divorce rate for love marriages is a whopping 55%! So yes, arranged marriages are quite likely to last👵💗👴, although perhaps not for the right reasons. Arranged marriages happen more often in traditional cultures in which there is more family and societal pressure to avoid divorce. Also, couples have lower expectations of happiness in arranged marriages, so a little disappointment in marriage does not lead to divorce. Couples in love marriages have a higher expectation of happiness and feel free to divorce when these expectations are not met. This does not mean that arranged marriages always involve silent suffering 😢 and that love marriages always fail 💔 - there is happiness to be found in both.

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