🇮🇳Indian ⚓Navy Tests Land Attack Brahmos 🚀Supersonic Missile📹:https://goo.gl/6XW1MY

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The Indian Navy conducted its first test-firing of the sea-to-land attack version of its advanced supersonic cruise missile Brahmos on Friday. The second phase then kicks in with the liquid fuel ramjet engines that take the missile to cruise speeds of up to Mach 3 - nearly three times the speed of sound.

The missile has a strike range of at least 290 km and can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy while cruising at supersonic speeds. The Navy conducted the test off the shore of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The missile, installed on a naval warship INS Teg, was fired at a target on an island among a group of other targets. The missile destroyed the locked target with precision. This successful test puts India into the superior league of countries that have this kind of strike capability.

In what is another impressive quality, the Brahmos is the only supersonic cruise missile in the world that can lock in on a target amid a flurry of bogeys/targets and engaging the selected target.

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